Gienke Deuten (English)

Gruwel (English)
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Christmas Eve 2014 will see the premiere of Gruwel, an all-new Feikes Huis production by director Gienke Deuten. This is her first production developed for Feikes Huis.

Gienke Deuten (1976) intends her visual performances to establish chaos amidst the everyday order of things. Rather than working with existing text, she prefers to generate her own original concepts, either autonomously or in cooperation with her actors. Her director's efforts are marked by an approach in which play, (stage) imagery, and music are equivalent elements culminating in a unified mode of storytelling. Her style is typified by visual estrangement and characters seeking their place in the world. This results in an oeuvre of absurdist and wryly humorous performances.

Gienke Deuten has enjoyed a long-standing collaboration with Firma Rieks Swarte, which led to her productions of Nachtschade, Hi Ha Heijermans, and Happy Garden, among other performances. Previously, she has teamed up with Bram de Goeij to form the Deuten & De Goeij collective, responsible for the on-site summer festival shows De Schapelaar, Mobil, and Schmiere.

Even before graduating at Theaterschool Amsterdam, where she attended the Director's Course, Gienke Deuten joined forces with Elien van den Hoek and David van Griethuysen of Het Houten Huis. Their combined efforts gave rise to successful youth performances including Vuurtoren Wacht and Beet! Further productions are bound to follow.

Peter Pan en de Verloren Jongens marked the onset of a joint venture with Theater Gnaffel. Throughout the fall of 2014, she will be spending her time there to produce a new performance: Gedonderdag, featuring texts by the hand of Simon van der Geest.    

In addition, she directs a number of fellow theatre producers, including Servaes Nelissen (De Broekophouder), and Raaijmakers & Geerlings (Niet Huppelen!), as well as various classical concerts for young audiences in cooperation with Oorkaan and Brabants Orkest.

Photo: Ilja Lammers