Jaime Ibanez (English)

in de pers

Jaime Ibanez (1982) attended Minerva Academy for the visual arts in Groningen, where he graduated in 2007.

In his work, film, theatre, and music engage in an interplay of visual aspects and content. On stage, he translates this interplay into performances in which installations and machinations serve as the vessels for the story he conveys.

As the performance unfolds, these manually operated installations and machinations go through a metamorphosis of wondrous tales. The operations performed increase the transparency of specific elements of the show, as can be seen in literal additions of text, the careful build-up of visual story aspects, and the utilisation of light and sound, for instance. Jaime takes his audience by the hand and leads them on into his own world of experience, in which he assumes the roles of playwright, storyteller, actor, and director with equal verve. This approach gives rise to stories and imagery of a delightfully absurdist nature.

The many venues where Jaime performed include De Parade, Oerol, Noorderzon, and Pop Arts Festival.

Further info: www.jaimeibanez.com