Johannes Bellinkx (English)

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Johannes Bellinkx (Belgium, 1978) graduated from the Amsterdam School for Theatre by completing his Mime Programme courses. At the time, he already held a degree in social geography and was working for several successful artists in the Netherlands and beyond. In 2007, he joined TUIG Theatre as a performer and builder, which he still joins for their international tours, and in 2013 he performed with WAK Theatre Company.

Bellinkx has been developing his own work as a theatremaker ever since 2012. Throughout his oeuvre, Bellinkx radically embraces the conceptual, urging him on to find the most appropriate disciplines to express his concepts of choice. His work is expressively visual, always engaging with interior and exterior spaces.

In 2014, Bellinkx was part of the Atelier Oerol/ Over het IJ festival talent development programme. To this end, he came up with a pilot that evolved into his first major project Framing. This project came about through close collaboration with visual artist and performer Thijs Wieman. The production was featured at Terschelling's Oerol festival and the Amsterdam Over het IJ festival in the summer of 2015.

Oerol festival recommended Framing to the IN-SITU international network for European outdoor festivals, drawing considerable international attention to the piece in turn.

Alongside his work as a theatremaker, Bellinkx is also active as a performer and director by commission. This allowed him to perform with Ro theatre and Gieneke Deuten, as well as granting him the final directorship of Merel Kamp's performance Knooppunt. Moreover, Bellinkx is requested to supervise and instruct students on a regular basis.

In 2015, Bellinkx was nominated as prodigal talent to The Amsterdam Arts Fund by DasArts, Over het IJ festival, and NDSM Foundation. This earned him a residency and a grant within the scope of the 3package deal. The inquiries he conducted throughout 2015 and 2016 focus on public space in Amsterdam's northern districts, as well as on the way his artistic pursuits relate to his background in social geography.

In 2016-2017, Bellinkx is working on a minor production in cooperation with De Karavaan in Wieringermeer, North Holland province.

For the art plan period of 2017-2020, Bellinkx is to develop productions for the new production house SoAp and the Feikes Huis production hub.