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Feikes Huis represents object theatre, an art form also known as visual theatre. Under the artistic guidance of Pol Eggermont, Feikes Huis cooperates with various artists whose origins range from theatre to mime, dance, puppetry, opera/musical theatre, performance art, or the visual arts. The visual, often non-spoken performances of Feikes Huis are very suitable to be played abroad.

Feikes Huis productions focus mainly on adults. Our ambition is to contribute to qualitative and content-related development of the discipline. Feikes Huis aims to create a sustainable foundation for the genre, as well as improving its overall position within the general field of theatre. Feikes Huis operates independently from any single form or tradition of puppetry and object theatre.

Feikes Huis started out as a production house in 2009. From 2013 onwards, its production core activities will continue. Each season Feikes Huis presents new performances for the smaller theatre venues and festivals. For the 2016/2017 season, Feikes Huis offers different performances. Three of these performances have their premiere in 2016: The Revenge of the Raven, a funky fable by Meike van den Akker and Dirk-Peter Kölsch, Popje, hou je muil (alle schoenen de deur uit) by Servaes Nelissen and Ilse Warringa and Panama (2+) by Daniëlle Wagenaar.

The repertoire comprises Rothko Chapel by Sjaron Minailo, Framing by Johannes Bellinkx and Tik Tak Slaap (2+) by Sanne Zweije.

In 2017 the co-production with Het Houten Huis Hoe licht kan een wolk zijn? will have its premiere. The performances Cube to... by Firma DRAAK, I started a second-hand shop with all the things I told you when I was in love by Jaime Ibanez, Jornt Duyx and Jan Bart Noordhuis and Paperwork by BetweenTwoHands are also presented in 2017. 

Feikes Huis derives its name from puppeteer Feike Boschma (1921-2014), a genuine innovator. His work and ideas still serve as an inspiration to many puppeteers and theatre producers today.

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Feikes House has the ANBI status. Click here for information.

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