Between Two Hands wint Arlyn Award!

Jury’s Comment
This very sophisticated and unusual art piece combines so many ideas on 
so many levels. It is an odd and intimate piece, seemingly shown to only 
a few people at a time. It is visually intriguing: the intricate folding 
and amplification of forms into shadow is simply beautiful and invites 
us into Kafka’s head by wandering though the minutiae of his office. The 
piece is so well designed, detailed. The effective and skillful 
manipulation is quite engaging and surprisingly effective. A true work 
of art.
Jury Members
Eric Bass
Putney, VTA, U.S.A
Mary Kerr
theatrical designer and professor of theatre design
University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Canada
Cariad Astles
Director of the Centre for Research into Objects & Puppets in 
Performance, Associate Lecturer, University of Exiter, U.K.
Er is nog geen datum voor de uitreiking, die zal plaatsvinden in Den 
Haag bij de ambassade van Canada.

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