Ultimate Cube

Meaning through science, as a new motive to live on? We have to look for the meaning ourselves.

Framing (english)

Framing explores the need to label and categorize everything in our surroundings. In this site-specific performance, Johannes Bellinkx gives his audience a confusing viewing experience through wooden frames, that are part of an ingeniously built installation.

Paperwork (English)

The phone is ringing non-stop. Letters are piling up. Files are untraceable... How can you achieve something if you don't know what the purpose is?

Panama 2+ (Eglish)

Panama is a visual and musical performance intended for children aged two and above made by Daniƫlle Wagenaar.

Tik Tak Slaap 2+ (English)

A performance for children from two years old about Pop the dolly who is afraid of the dark, and Mother, who just can't seem to find a moment to herself.